Tuesday, July 24, 2007


i've been working on a bunch of new songs for a solo record and it's going well. i bought a new classical guitar to write on, and i like it. i wasn't totally in love with the tone of it, until i realized it was tuned an entire step down. Now that i've brought the guitar up to it's intended pitch, it sounds incredible. The best part is that i only paid 200 bones for it.

I've been wanting to use really thick reverb on vocals for a long time, but i could'nt get the reverb to be dark enough. I've always had a problem with the SSSSS's in my voice. If i'm going for that huge vocal reverb sound, i'd always hear the SSSSS's reverberating and it sounds very cheap and digital. So basically what i do now is after i record a vocal track, i create a duplicate of that track. So i have 2 tracks of exactly the same vocal. i take the 2nd vocal track and turn the hi's way down. I add reverb to that track only. I leave the first track dry(no reverd)That way, you hear the presence and clarity of the original track, and the only thing that is reverberated is the warmth of the voice.


Christopher Winston Hill said...

good call. i always leave a second dry track in the mix to get rid of the little nuances that come with certain reverb or echo effects whether they be analog or digital. i started doing this with my bass tone as well. my bassman 1200 has two channels. i keep channel one crystal clear and channel two real gritty and duuurrty. the bassman has the capabilty to mix the two channels. i keep the deep gainy sound and yet still cut through the mix. cool. i'm looking forward to hearing the new tunes. come to knoxville, tn sometime. there are lots of chris staples fans here.

Christopher Winston Hill said...

Yet another good reason to come to Knoxville. Unwed Sailor is playing at a really great little venue on Sunday night the 12th. Check the band's website for details. I'm there with bells on.