Friday, July 13, 2007


I just got home from tour, and i'm totally exausted. i wish i would have kept a better journal on this tour. It's impossible to encapsulate all that happened on this tour, so i've decided to make some lists of notable experiences. One list for the high points and one for low points.

High Points:

1. Playing Abeliene and making some new great friends(Dustin, Grant) seeing some old ones(Dax) and getting a bunch of free books(Thanks Grant).
2. Beach Days(virginia beach, turkey creek, and destin florida)
3. Camping trip with james monaco, making hot dogs, making smores and making bad jokes.
4. Meeting the incredibly generous multi-millionaire Paige Jenkins, who later invited all 12 of us to stay at her house and throwing a lavish pool party that lasted until 6 in the morining.
5. The pickel Barrel (
6. Sick dance party in coby's garage in rural central Ohio.
7. Watching White Cross at cornerstone. "All the People! In the City! living in Sin! Such a PITY!!!"

Low Points:

1. Held up at gun point in kansas city, infinitely sucked, but gunshot wounds.
2. Upon arriving at a party in denton texas, saw a young man get ferociously stabbed in the stomach. We promptly left with no idea of why it happened and if he survived.
3. Axle on the trailer broke, and the tires of the trailer squeeled and smoked in the wheel wells of our rented Uhaul. Subsequently we got free hotel rooms from Uhaul on account of renting us a 1970's rusted peice of shit. So it was a low point, with a high point resolution.
4. Air Conditioning in the van broke.

So that's 7 good, and 4 bad. Not bad at all.

Thanks to state bird, and to the winston Jazz routine. I hope i get to tour with these bands again. great players and great guys.


Brett said...

low point... did not go through denver, co to see my friend brett.

i have no clue said...

Hey, that was my a-frame chalkboard, I feel honored. I haven't been checking this thing. Camping was ballin' (as they say) and you should play New York sometime in the next nine months.
-James Monaco