Saturday, December 8, 2007


I watched a movie called "elegy of a voyage" last night. A character from the movie was a german man, who visited the U.S. and was wrongfully arrested here. He was stripped of his rights and humiliated. After a short period of time, the authorities realized their mistake and released him. He was very angry and after being released from prison returned to germany and became a hermit for like 8 months. He realized in his malaise that the only thing that could restore his life was love. To reach out to people and forgive. He also said he'd like to change god's name to love. which i thought was interesting.

After that i watched a "george harrison" dvd, which has all of his videos from the last 20 years. I did'nt realize he sang the song ".....i got my mind set on you!". Anyway, there is about 1 hour of interview clips with george harrison, where he mostly rambles about love being the greastest thing that we can hope to achieve. And love being the "creative force" which is of god. These were such great things to hear this week, as i was sort of lashing out a bit, on account of my own decisions.