Wednesday, February 20, 2008


Well, i have alot of news in this blog post. I'll start with news that is in the forefront of my thoughts. Last week i was diagnosed as a dibetic. I've been super dehydrated and i'd lost 20 pounds in under a week. My vision was blurry and i've been very fatigued. I went through a short period of trying to diagnose myself before i went to the doctor. I thought i had a mold-induced sickness. i thought i may have a parisitic infection or a strange flu. The doctor i saw pretty much knew right away that i was diabetic. For those of you who don't know what dibetes is, it's basically has to do with your pancreas not making enough insulin, which regulates your blood sugar. I may be able to get away with taking an oral medication, or i might have to take shots of insulin. In the long run this will probably make me live longer. I can't drink beer, cokes, or eat sugary or starchy foods. I am comforted by the fact that there are millions of people diagnosed with this disease, and are living long healthy lives. dibetes is extremly treatable.

In other news, the studio is coming along nicely. My isolation room is mostly done. I have some interior work to do on it. Also, i built a mini-kitchen for the studio with a small coffee bar and fridge. I installed some more bookshelves and a coat rack.

Me and alex have been working on some new songs together. we're getting ready for a live on-air performance on KEXP along with and interview. Also, i posted a new demo on the myspace page. hope you enjoy!