Saturday, October 13, 2007


Things are moving along with the studio. I finished painting the walls, and it's much more cozy and inviting. This week i began construction of the isolation booth. it's a pentagonal-shaped room big enough for drums, but i can track guitar amps there as well as organ, vocals, etc. Here the floor is being framed up with 2x6's. The room will be mounted on rubber shock absorbers, to keep vibrations from traveling into the rigid structures of the building.

Here is a small ampbox i made last year. it's constucted from 3/4 inch birch plywood (this shit is heavy). the inside is lined with 2" acoustic fiberglass. I can fit a small combo amp inside, like the blues Jr. above and crank the bejesus out of it.

Here is my new computer that i am very much pleased with. there is a man's head on the left, and a cougar skull on the right. I don't know why.

Lastly, here is a painting i that i love. I think this guy is trying to connect with his granddaughter by taking her on his fishing boat. What he does'nt realize that she is totally freaked out, and not enjoying their time together. classic generation gap. why would someone paint this?

Wednesday, October 3, 2007


The weather is getting shitty here. It's kind of a big deal, this changing of seasons. especially after such a long and warm summer. The dark overcastness kind of makes everything look different, which is kind of a nice change. I'm kind of stoked about spending the next few months in my new recording space. I found a nice artspace in my favorite town of ballard, that i am slowly converting into a studio space. The building is a historic brick building that many years ago was a department store called "kress department store". I'll be making music where 50 years ago people were shopping for sweatpants and houswares. it's a nice location. a block from a fitness center, movie theatre, record store, and a puerto rican resteraunt.

Today i worked on the entry door, installing some weather striping and a threshold below the door, to limit noise leaving and entering the studio. I'm also in the planing phases of builing an all-purpose isolation booth for guitar, drums, vocals, etc. it's going to kind of look like this: booth

Other than that just working on a few more tunes. Tim might be coming around later this year to make some music together. Other than that i saw this movie called "zeitgeist" the other night and it kind of blew my mind. you can watch it on google video for free. I must warn you it's kind of religiously offensive, but there is a really great segment about origins of religious symbolism, and how it relates to our calender and our holidays. very very eye-opening. you can watch it here.