Wednesday, October 3, 2007


The weather is getting shitty here. It's kind of a big deal, this changing of seasons. especially after such a long and warm summer. The dark overcastness kind of makes everything look different, which is kind of a nice change. I'm kind of stoked about spending the next few months in my new recording space. I found a nice artspace in my favorite town of ballard, that i am slowly converting into a studio space. The building is a historic brick building that many years ago was a department store called "kress department store". I'll be making music where 50 years ago people were shopping for sweatpants and houswares. it's a nice location. a block from a fitness center, movie theatre, record store, and a puerto rican resteraunt.

Today i worked on the entry door, installing some weather striping and a threshold below the door, to limit noise leaving and entering the studio. I'm also in the planing phases of builing an all-purpose isolation booth for guitar, drums, vocals, etc. it's going to kind of look like this: booth

Other than that just working on a few more tunes. Tim might be coming around later this year to make some music together. Other than that i saw this movie called "zeitgeist" the other night and it kind of blew my mind. you can watch it on google video for free. I must warn you it's kind of religiously offensive, but there is a really great segment about origins of religious symbolism, and how it relates to our calender and our holidays. very very eye-opening. you can watch it here.

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pinkdragonman65 said...

that zeitegjdkla movie made me mad! it was interesting though. so when you gunna come to oklahoma city again? i miss you last time =(