Thursday, April 17, 2008


well, it's nice to be playing with people again. things are sounding great thanks to alex, david, ryan, and our new friend ryan who will be playing percussion and keys. things are coming along freakishly fast. it's unusual because when i was younger it would literally take months upon months to get a band to the point that it sounded solid, i guess all those years of playing music have paid off. it's very exciting for me to be working on a record with people, and my hope is that we can capture the musical chemistry that is emerging between us. for the first time in years we'll be going into a "real" studio to record drum tracks.

i'm thinking about doing a solo train tour. amtrack sells these amtrak rail passes that basically you can ride anywhere that amtrak goes. so i'll be rolling up in a train to the shows and the promoters can pick me up. i want to play peoples living rooms, or picnics. really i just want to travel around the country and see some old and new faces. laugh, drink, explore.

i heard about a woman the other day who was getting a liver transplant, and they could'nt figure out her DNA. She had 2 distinctly different strands of dna code in her body. what they eventually figured out is that when she was conceived she was going to be a siamese twin. two eggs were fertilized, but as the zygote developed one of the eggs engulfed the other and she was born as a singular person. some of her organs belong to one DNA, and the rest of her organs belong to another.


ashnazg said...

A private concert in my living room sounds awesome to me. :-) Keep up the good work... looking forward to the upcoming album.

Ian said...

Chris, unfortunately none of the Tuscaloosa lake house connections live in AL anymore. I'm in College Station, TX studying for a PhD at Texas A&M now. If you want to play a show have a beer I'm down.