Monday, November 26, 2007


I've been writing for a while, so i got a bunch of new songs. pretty simple songs i've written on a classical guitar. who knows what they'll sound like with a band, but in january i'll start working with tim on arranging them in a "rock" format for the new discover america record. i met with jason mcgerr last week about recording drum tracks at his new drum studio. jason plays drums for the underground indie band "death cab", you probably have not heard of them. but he's got like 15 vintage drums kits just laying around, and i think tim might poop himself upon seeing this.

i've been thinking of making a trip to crater lake in oregon. it's at the top of an old volcano, and it's said to be a surreal experience. The waters will transfix you. here's a pic.


Tate said...

Dude, Crater Lake is amazing, I can vouch for it. I'm actually from that area and all I can say is that one of my most vivid memories from childhood is my trip to Crater Lake in the snow.

Ian said...

We should backpack around crater lake for a few days. Let me know if your interested. Chris and I could fly up from down south.

Also, I hope rainbows makes it on the new record, or atleast on my hardrive somehow.
Ian Bowling